Assembly Instructions

We know this is not about sending a rocket to the Moon, but anyway we thought you might want to use this guide to assemble the boxes. If you still have question, feel free to contact us:

ART10000_LetsPackIt – Box with Lid and Handle_EN

ART10001_LetsPackIt – Square Box_EN

ART10002_LetsPackIt – Butterfly Box_EN

ART10004_LetsPackIt – Petal Box_EN

ART10005_LetsPackIt – Cupcake Box_EN

ART10008_LetsPackIt – Round Flap Bag_EN

ART10011_LetsPackIt – Hand Bag_EN

ART10012_LetsPackIt – Pillow Box_EN

ART10015_LetsPackIt – Milk Carton_EN

ART10016_LetsPackIt – Basket Box_EN

ART10017_LetsPackIt – Bride Box_EN

ART10018_LetsPackIt – Groom Box_EN

ART10020_LetsPackIt – Popcorn Box_EN

ART10021_LetsPackIt – Fortune Cookie_EN

ART10058_LetsPackIt – Baby Cart_EN

ART10059_LetsPackIt – Box with Baby Cart_EN

ART10061_LetsPackIt – Small Bride Box_EN

ART10062_LetsPackIt – Small Groom Box_EN

ART10063_LetsPackIt – Wedding Chair Box_EN

ART10064_LetsPackIt – Angel Wings Box_EN