Ideas for a Let´s Pack It Inspired Wedding

Spring also brings the start of the wedding season. That is the reason why I wanted to share with you some do-it-yourself decoration ideas for your big day.

  1. You can use our fortune cookie shaped boxes to introduce a personal message for each attendee to thank them for attending such a special day for you and your significant other. You could also include an anecdote lived with that person to make the note even more personal and unique.10022_1
  2. Our bride and groom shaped boxes are ideal to give some wedding favours to your loved ones. They are easy to assemble and it can be a fun task for the days previous to the wedding to keep your family distracted.10018_3
  3. You can use our thank you cards to send thank you notes for all the gifts received. There is enough space for you to handwrite a personal thank you note which makes it a truly special gesture.10023_1
  4. If you are thinking of giving out some more comfortable shoes for the party as a wedding favour, you can decorate the bags with our various tags. We offer different styles and colours to match the rest of decorations. Look at the example we found: manoletinasImage found at:
  5. You can also use the Mr. and Mrs. tags to decorate the wedding favours. If you will give out different favours for men and women, you can use these tags to differentiate them.10111_1
  6. You can give a special piece of jewellery to the mothers or grandmothers using our Elegance pillow boxes. We offer a wide variety of colours to make your piece look absolutely unique and elegant.10083_1
  7. You can use our wedding chair boxes for any wedding favour. They come in three different colours and styles and they are super easy to assemble.10063_6
  8. Use our glitter washi tape to signal the number of each table. Look at this example we found, you will love it and it is very easy to make: numero_mesaImage found at: 
  9. You can also use this glitter washi tape to decorate the tags for the seating chart. Look at this cool example we found: seating_chartImage found at:
  10. The last idea I wanted to share with you is that you can easily create your own centre pieces. You can take some empty glass containers and some glitter washi tape and put some flowers inside. You will save a lot of money and it will be a fun task to take on before the weeding. Look at this simple and delicate example we found for you: centros_mesa Image found at:

We hope to see you soon at where you can find all the necessary material for your creations. If you have any doubts or suggestions do not hesitate to contact us using the following email address:

We wish you a very happy spring and a great wedding season!


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