Six Christmas dilemmas that can be resolved with a roll of Washi Tape

The holidays are just around the corner. These days bring emotions, loads of parties and family gatherings, all at once! The truth is that when you think about it between Christmas, New Year and all the holidays, two weeks are not enough for everything there is to celebrate. All of this leaves you with less time to chose and decorate your gifts, and your home. And, as if it wasn´t enough, you are expected to be creative with your gifts and decorations.

Don´t worry, I have discovered that many of your problems can be solved with Washi Tape. You know what Washi tape is, right? Well, in case you are still not a washi-addict I am going to briefly explain what I am talking about. It is a decorative tape that has its origins in Asia. Specifically, a Japanese company called Kamoi who was dedicated to the production of masking tape realized that decorating the masking tape would help them expand their portfolio.

The truth is that these decorated tapes are incredibly useful. You are going to be amazed when you see everything that can be done with them!

So, let´s go back to our Holiday dilemmas:

  1. How do I personalize my gifts when I know what is inside there is another shirt, same as last year?

Maybe you are not the most creative person when it comes to thinking of what to give to your loved ones. Why should we innovate with a different gift if we know that a shirt always does the trick? I am very familiar with this tactic. A great way of differentiating your gifts is personalizing them. You can do that by creating small ornaments to decorate them, and your ally´s name is: Washi Tape. Look at the example I found:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.36.59

Image found at

  1. But it´s been 30 years giving shirts and sweaters to my loved ones as a Christmas gift, which means I really need to make up with some personalization:

Washi Tapes also allow you to decorate and personalize the cards you use in your gifts. You can even do a different one per gift with the recipient´s favorite color. It´s really a great way to show your loved ones that you care. Check out the tutorial I found:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.19.13

Image found at

  1. I am tired of the same colors in my Christmas tree each year:

Those of you who have a Christmas tree at home know that it costs nearly a fortune to decorate it. But if you want to give it a different flare without spending too much you can create garlands with Washi Tape and some bakers twine. They are much cheaper than new ornaments; this allows you to change them more often if you get bored. If you like to try check out this the tutorial I found:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.12.40

Image found at

  1. And I have to use the same ornaments, again!

In line with what I was explaining in my previous point, if you are also bored of the same ornaments, you can create new ones with Washi Tapes. And if creating something new is not your cup of tea, don´t worry, you can recycle old ornaments and redecorate them with Washi Tape. In this way you have new ornaments at a very low cost and you can break with the monotony of each year. I found a great tutorial to help you recycle your old ornaments and redecorate them:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.28.18

Image found at

  1. In two weeks it´s impossible to see all my friends and loved ones:

You can send your best wishes with very unique and hand made cards. They don´t have to be all the same, you can create different ones for each person. They really show you care and they are much cheaper than the ones you can get in stores.

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.16.15

Image found on

  1. My biggest dilemma is: tree or no tree?

I don´t know about you, but every year I setup my Christmas tree with great excitement. I get excited because I know I am going to see my family, I know I am going to eat amazing food, and get cool presents. The problem is that January is just around the corner, and it´s time to say good bye to your loved ones, start watching what you eat, returning to the gym (oh no!), and as if it wasn’t enough… it´s time to take down the tree. And to put it up, it´s easy because you always get some help. But no one wants to help take it down! Last year I took my tree down in February, it was too hard to handle so many reality checks at the same time!

Well don´t worry you can have the same holiday spirit by putting up a tree made with Washi Tape. Look at what I found:

Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 16.32.38

Found on

I hope you enjoyed the ideas I found for you to deal with your own holiday dilemmas. Don´t forget to visit us at where you can find enough things to help deal with anything that comes your way these holidays. And before I forget, follow us on Pinterest for more super cool ideas!


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